Stylish partitions

Stylish partitions

  • Provider of single and double wall, office and residential partitions

  • Glass and MDF, accordion and rail, movable and fixed

  • Comes with a variety of opening and installation services, reopening and relocation

  • Changes and repairs only by contacting Stylish partitions

  • Delivery within two to three working days by Chic Partition

Stylish partition is stylish, wants stylish and looks stylish and with you stylish will always be stylish

Single wall partition

پارتیشن تک جداره اگر بخواهیم یک تعریف کلی و مختصر درباره ی پارتیشن تک جداره داشته باشیم می توان گفت که پارتیشن تک جداره به منظور جدا نمودن قسمت های مختلف فضاهای اداری در راستای ارتقاء بخشیدن به عملکرد پرسنل یک مجموعه مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. شیشه در پارتیشن تک جداره شیشه های مورد استفاده در پارتیشن تک جداره …

Double wall partition

The thickness of this partition is 13 cm and a volume curtain is installed between the empty space that is created between the two MDF frames. Usually, tall glass is used in this partition for many reasons, the most important of which is the beauty and light movement, but there are other types as well. According to customer needs and space needs, all models of MDF or cottage or horizontal glass are also implemented.

Single wall partition 6 miles

Made of octagonal aluminum and MDF with a thickness of 6 mm and glass 4 mm, which becomes 2 mm with a strip of glass 6 mm. The ceiling is executed and is also the cheapest in terms of price

Parwan partition

Nowadays, this partition called Parvan is also used for momentary or multi-hour or moving separation in a folding and small space. The hinges are connected

Accordion partition

Folding and retractable that moves by the rail that is installed on top of the work and according to the length of the separator in the opening mode from the middle and pulling the partition to the side of the wall. Accordion partition in three types of MDF and PVC and Leather is available

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