Tourism in Iran

Tourism industry in Iran It has very high potential for growth and development. According to the World Tourism Organization, Iran ranks tenth in ancient and historical attractions and fifth in the world in terms of natural attractions. In 2006, about 50,000 foreign tourists visited Iran, while this year 842 million tourists They have traveled the world.

According to experts, this industry has not had the development it deserves. One of the reasons for this is the lack of suitable economic bases in Iran to attract investment in the construction of hotels and other ancillary industries in this field. Investors' ignorance of the situation in Iran and poor publicity, as well as the spread of negative news from Iran, social and religious restrictions for foreign tourists, as well as political tensions with some Western countries are other obstacles to the growth of Iran's tourism industry.

Compared to Iran, some countries have been able to leave a successful record in this field. In 2007 alone, for example, about 15 million foreign tourists visited Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, south of the Persian Gulf. Iran, meanwhile, accounts for less than one-fifteenth of Dubai's tourists in the same year, accounting for less than one percent of global tourism revenue.

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