Tuesday , April 12 2022

Tuesday , April 12 2022

Tuesday , April 12 2022
Tuesday , April 12 2022

Tuesday , April 12 2022
Leather is one of the best standard covers for making all kinds of products, especially clothes. There are all kinds of natural and artificial leathers on the market that are used to produce different goods as needed. Natural leather has a higher quality than synthetic leathers, and in contrast, products made of synthetic leather are in favor of buyers of these products in terms of purchasing power. The city of Mashhad is one of the cities active in the field of producing the best natural and artificial leathers as well as mass-produced leather products. Some leather products made of natural leather and synthetic leather can be purchased through reputable online stores at cheaper prices than the market.

Sunday , January 30 2022

Product brand
Fixed price
Ability to supply
2000 pieces per month

Minimum order quantity1000
Terms of paymentCash
Terms of deliveryTelephone coordination

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